Announcing Core 2.2.0

This release comes with a lot of fixes, and most important of all, the PIX Module in closed alpha. We are also enabling the Authorization APIs to accept custom tokens for authorizations as well.


We're very happy to announce that version 2.2.0 carries the new PIX Integration, which allows users to connect with BACEN's DICT and SPI via APIs. In this version we include:

  • Key Management in DICT (Create / Update / Get / Detele)
  • Claim Management in DICT (Create / Receive / Ack / Confirm / Complete)
  • PIX In and PIX Out for the str-provider
  • Added key confirmation flow inside the API.

The documentation for this and all other endpoints for our PIX module can be found here and will be moved to our developer portal in the next days.


  • bs2-provider-api: Fixes authentication with external provider



  • core-api: Fixes in billing modules for charging service fees in external provider
  • core-api: Fixes in billing modules for automated invoice closure
  • core-api: Fixes interfaces for OAuth 2.0 scopes in authentication
  • core-api: Fixes for postback signature using Mediator's OAuth Client secret
  • core-api: Enables finer control of the automated handling of abandoned and deleted accounts
  • core-api: Adds stronger validation to API requests, better error handlers and other fixes
  • str-provider: Fixes account number generation in BaaS environments using Parati provider