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# [1.3.2](red-platinum)

### new features
 - boleto-provider-core matera-handler: added feature to integrate billing between bit and matera

### fixes
 - fix route open Boleto by Id
 - validate unnecessary field in body request
 - matera-handler: fixed matera-handler to emit boleto with correct expiration date
 - boleto-provider-core: fixed boleto-provider-core to keep liquidation start date
 - boleto-provider-core matera-handler: fixed to be possible associate the same billing to differents beneficiaries
 - boleto-provider-core matera-handler: fixed to handler error if try to associate a non-existent billing to a beneficiary
 # [1.3.1](olive-steel)

### improvements
* boleto-provider-core matera-handler: added carteira matera on boleto creation (external_id)
* boleto-provider-core: endpoint with matera server status
* boleto-provider-core cnab-handler liquidation-worker: added additional info field
* boleto-provider-core: alow same ourNumber value to different beneficiaries
* boleto-provider-core: rename field ourNumber to yourNumber
* boleto-provider-core: added not found message on get boleto route
* boleto-provider-core: updated k6 scripts for boletos creation
* boleto-provider-core e cnab-handler: multiple boleto events with same cnab file
* cnab-handler: added local stack to s3 for local development
* observability: aws s3 objects visualization

### fixes
* all microservices: unit and integration tests fixes
* matera-handler: fix to ever return erros in an array
* boleto-provider-core: fix to change boletos from executed to liquidated
* boleto-provider-core: fix state machine values to fill 'to' and 'from' attributes properly
* boleto-provider-core: fix on get boleto route
* boleto-provider-core: fix on insert beneficiary with external_id value greather than int range
* boleto-provider-core, cnab-handler e liquidation-worker: settled amount not working properly
* liquidation-worker: fix on liquidating boleto

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