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Setup fees for Consumers

The Bit Capital platform has built-in features for Mediators to setup fees to their consumers. This enable positive financial results for the operation, without a huge overload of software implementation.

Most of the fees are pre-configured in your Enterprise instance and cannot be changed at runtime, such as the one for Banking Services and Card Services. Due to the complexity of the modules and their arrangement, we need to redeploy some parts of the system every time a fee is updated.

You can setup two types of fees, separately or simultaneously:

  • Fixed amounts: For example: 1.00 BRL for emitting deposit boletos.
  • Percentage amounts: For example: 0.05 (5%) for withdrawals using TEDs.

Currently available fees:

  • ROOT_WITHDRAW: Fees for withdrawing the root asset using TEDs
  • ROOT_EMIT_BOLETO: Fees for emitting Boletos for depositing root asset funds.

You can check your currently configured fees in the Domain information:

const domain = await;

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Setup fees for Consumers

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