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TED payment settlement window



This windows are only applied for the DOCK provider. The parati provider and SaaS-mode follows the Brazilian Central Bank's default transfer window.

For a best practice, a TED-IN can be done until 5 pm on a business day. Outside this period, it must be scheduled for the following day as shown below

TED-in settlemnet

Customer makes a TED from a external bank account.

Time executed

Time processed

11:00am to 3:30pm (D0)

4:40pm (D0)

3:01pm to 5:30pm (D0)

6:30pm (D0)

5:31pm (D-1) to 11:00am (D0)

12:00am (D0)


Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and NuBank accounts

Customers of these banks can only make the credit to a payment account of the same holder.

TED-out settlement

Customer makes a TED to a external bank account.

Time executed

Time processed

3:01pm (D-1)

09:00am (D0)

09:01am to 10:00am (D0)

10:00am (D0)

10:01am to 12:00am (D0)

12:00am (D0)

12:01am to 1:00pm (D0)

1:00pm (D0)

1:00pm to 2:00pm (D0)

2:00pm (D0)

2:01pm to 3:00pm (D0)

3:00pm (D0)


The settlement of the TED in the destination account can occurs up to 48 hours.

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