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Whitelabel Services


Experimental API

This feature is still in the experimental phase. For enabling the permissions for your credentials, ask us in our help desk.

In your Bit Capital instance there can be different Domains and Products for different use cases, as we've seen in previous sections of the documentation. Using these Domains it is possible to set up "Whitelabel" operations as a reseller of Bit Capital products.

Important Considerations

For this to be efficient and helpful, there are some considerations to be aware of:

  • Each new Whitelabel requires a new Domains, a new Mediator and its set of credentials;

  • Billing plans and usage limits are set by domain, so you'll need to setup the new billing plans for each new Domain you create;

  • It is possible to send payments between different Domains using the Wallet ID from the source and destinations;

  • There are restrictions when getting information from other Mediators and its Consumers so beware that some GET endpoints in the API will return 403. For more information, reach the compliance team at the Help Desk.

Requesting a new Whitelabel Domain

To start a new Whitelabel operation, you'll need to request a new Domain and set of Mediador credentials through the Help Desk.

Moving consumers between domains

When starting a new Whitelabel operation, the Mediador may want to move existing consumer to the new domain. A simple synchronous PUT operation is needed for that action:

const updatedUser = await bitcapital.users().domain(userId, destinationDomainId);
curl --location --request PUT '$INSTANCE_URL/users/$USER_ID/domain/$DESTINATION_DOMAIN_ID'

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