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401 - Unauthorized

Request not authenticated due to missing, invalid, or expired OAuth 2.0 Authorization Header.

For Basic Authorization headers

  • Ensure you have a valid set of OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials
  • Ensure you have prepared the Base64 properly
  • Ensure you have set the header for "Basic ". Putting the token directly won't work.

For Bearer Authorization headers

  • Ensure you have a valid OAuth 2.0 Access Token
  • Ensure your token hasn't expired yet
  • Ensure you have requested all scopes needed for the operation

If you have a valid set of OAuth 2.0 Refresh Tokens you may want to do a new authorization flow using POST /oauth/token.

For more information check the HTTP 401 Reference on MDN or contact the support at our Help Desk.

Updated 11 months ago

401 - Unauthorized

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