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Bills and Boletos

All Wallets in Bit Capital platform has built-in capabilities for Boleto and other local Bills, based on QR and Numeric codes.


In Brazil, the invoicing system called "Boleto" is commonly used as a gateway for online payments deposited physically in cash. You can print the Boleto and pay in any bank, post office, lottery, ATM, and other partner retailers in person, or use a online provider such as internet banking or most digital wallets. After verification, the recipient then receives a deposit on his account, similar to a common wire transfer.

Boletos are identified by their bar code or "digitable line". A boleto bar code encodes payment information such as recipient data, expiration date and payment amount.

Covenants and Payment Partnerships

Through a extensive network of partnerships with local payment providers, Bit Capital is able to offer more than 2500 different types of public and private bill payments, such as local energy, water and gas providers, government agencies, public transportations cards, and much more.

To know more about the network and get a list of all supported bills, contact our Help Desk. Our list is always growing!

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Bills and Boletos

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