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External Boleto Provider

Pay boletos and bills on your SaaS without having to have any licenses


Experimental API

This feature is still in the experimental phase. It is only supported in SaaS and may change with time. For enabling the permissions for your credentials, ask us in our help desk.

For our SaaS partners that run BT Core in their own banking license, we provider you modules that you can use to run your payment services without having to have any connections with CIP or anything other costly systems. This is possible by our partnership with Celcoin which is one of Brazil's leading providers in that segment.

How it actually works?

Whenever you pay a boleto in your banking license, our core banking automatically authorizes the amount of the boleto from your wallet and sends it to a transitory account owned by Bit Capital, at the same time, we order the Boleto to be paid on Celcoin using the balance in our liquidation account.

For informations about how to integrate to it, you can read the technical details in the Paying bills and Boletos section.

Time Windows

Boletos work with time windows, and when we're talking about paying them on the due date, that becomes a importante thing to understand. The time window for Boleto payments usually work around 7am and 6pm BRT, but depending on which type of bill you're paying this can change, it's important to always keep track of this liquidation timelines.


There are two types of refunds that can happen in the system, one originated by the payer and another originated by the receiving bank.
If for any reason there's a refund originated by the receiving bank on the payment, we'll refund the user using the transitory account's balance, and if there's no balance there, there'll be made a deposit with that amount to ensure the user receives it's money appropriately.
In case of payer refunds, currently those need to be requested using our help desk but we'll be making an API available for this in the coming weeks.


A couple of times a day, the transitory account is emptied and it's balance is sent to our liquidation account to repay the amount we used for the transaction. This can happen one or more times depending on your volume and the more you send, the quicker it'll be to actually pay de boleto.

How to Enable it?

All provider installations are handled by our operations and infrastructure team, if you're already a Bit Capital client and wishes to start using our external boleto provider, open a request in our help desk and we'll handle the rest. But remember, some costs may be required for enabling that for you.

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