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The Bit Capital platform has built-in features for Mediators to setup fees to their consumers. This enable positive financial results for the operation, without a huge overload of software implementation.

Services and theirs fees are configured using API and can be changed at runtime.

For example, these are a sample of types of fees that can be charged to one or more consumers:

  • Fixed amounts: For example: 1.00 BRL for emitting deposit boletos.
  • Percentage amounts: For example: 0.05 (5%) for withdrawals using TEDs.

How it works

The big picture is that consumer are charged for the usage of services. These fees are charges that will be on consumer invoices.


Is a set of configuration and contain a list of services, each one with their fee and way of charge, that can be charged on monthly, weekly or daily basis.


One service is described as the chargeable usage item on platform. Each consumer can use a service and be charged (or not) for their usage. Configuration of one or more services can be setup differently in each plan.


Consumer association to a specific plan. Invoices entries are generated settled on-demand (prepaid) or available to future payment, after invoice closure.


List of services charges applied to one consumer for a specific period.

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