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Services are the chargeable platform items that are trigged at distinguished moments and when configured on the plan generate charges on subscriber consumer invoice.

These are the default platform available services:

subscriptionCharge applied once to subscriber (each user).
Event: Periodically at each invoice closure
physical_card_issuingCharge every new physical card issue requisition.
Event: Physical card issuing request
card_reissueCharge every new physical card issue requisition.
Event: Physical card re-issuing request
virtual_card_issuingCharge every new virtual card issue requisition.
Event: Virtual card issuing request
withdrawalCharge every withdrawal requisition.
Event: Wallet withdrawal
transferCharge every transfer (p2p) requisition.
Event: Wallet transfer
phone_credits_purchaseCharge every phone credit purchase requisition.
Event: Phone Credits purchases
boleto_emissionCharge every boleto emission.
Event: Boleto emission
boleto_paymentCharge every boleto payment requested.
Event: Boleto payment requested
boleto_payment_cash_inCharge everytime someone does a cash-in using a boleto.
Event: Cash In using Boleto
card_purchaseCharge every card payment requested.
Event: Card purchase
card_withdrawalCharge every withdrawal from card.
Event: Card Withdrawal
compliance_checkCharge every KYC preview the user does
Event: KYC Preview
ocrCharge every AI OCR processing demanded.
Event: KYC OCR
facematchCharge every AI facematch processing demanded.
Event: KYC Facematch
active_card_maintenanceCharges the user for each active card.
active_account_maintenanceCharges the user for each account active.
depositCharges the user for each TED deposit.

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