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Setup your Domain postbacks

All domain operations over Users and Transactions may generate postbacks (also known as Webhooks), to enable near real time notifications and interactions from async operations in the platform.

To setup your domain postbacks, just update its desired URL for the notifications

const domainId = '0a28f4e5-06b0-461d-a793-9208ef95738a';

await, {
  postbackUrl: '' 

After this configuration, all User and Transaction state changes will be notified using the following payload:

  "id": "092a4f3c-e465-4f1d-ac8b-3287164368b3",
  "entity": "user",
  "status": "ready"

The fields are:

  • Entity: user or transaction
  • ID: The unique identifier of the entity in the platform
  • Status: The latest status of the entity

Updated 5 months ago

Setup your Domain postbacks

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