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Deposit Information

Retrieving the information needed to make a wire transfer in your account from other banks and financial institutions (through "TEDs", "DOCs" or "PIX").

To deposit funds from other banks and financial institutions, it's required a set of deposit information (aka deposit info). These are the used by a user in the external institution to send a wire transfer to his digital account in the Bit Capital Platform. Each custody providers that allows wire transfer deposits has its own set of deposit instructions that should be handled individually.

Parati Provider (BRLP)

For the Parati Provider and all Enterprise STR Providers, an example response is shown below:

        "name": "BIT CAPITA LTDA ME",
        "taxId": "29079725000107",
        "bank": {
            "code": "326",
            "name": "Parati CFI S.A."
        "account": {
            "holder": "BIT CAPITAL LTDA ME",
            "agency": "0001",
            "number": "12345678"
        "asset": "BRLP"

Digital accounts in the STR Provider are segregated directly in the STR(Sistema de Transferência de Reservas), so there is no need for using external Ids like in the DOCK Provider. Every transaction that comes in to this account will be credited to the owner and every wallet has a unique account number and the account holder is always the consumer that owns this account.

DOCK Provider (BRLD)

For deposits using the BRLD asset, there are shared accounts that acts as "escrow", with a sample response shown below:

    "taxId": "41827185856",
    "externalId": "711665b8-53d5-4a31-b7da-8129c4a67669",
    "bank": {
      "code": "340",
      "name": "Bradesco"
    "account": {
      "holder": "Bit Capital Ltda.",
      "agency": "1234",
      "number": "123456",
      "digit": "2"

With DOCK, you can send the deposits in two ways:

  • Make a wire transfer from an account owned by you, we'll retrieve the taxId of the account that sent the transaction and search for a user with the same taxId in the database to credit the account.
  • Make a wire transfer from any external account, for this flow you'll need to use the externalId field in the receipt identifier (know in Brazil as "Identificador do Comprovante").

Check out our SLAs for information about the time-frame between the wire transfer and the credit in the digital account.

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