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Platform Assets

All Bit Capital systems runs in a tokenized network based on Stellar. That means that digital wallet and its assigned bank account works the same for every currency you want to use.

Different custodians have different codes for the some currency, so we can keep all tokens stable and 1 to 1 with the real currency deposited in the bank.

Platform Assets
The platform has already a set of built-in stable tokens that enables your software to operate over fiat and the most popular cryptocurrencies.

All instances operate with a root asset, the base of all basic operations and trades, usually it's one of the currencies below:

Optionally, you can enable some additional assets to use in the platform, so your users can store and trade between them in a compliant, robust and secure platform.

  • BRLB - Brazilian Real (Banco BS2)
  • BTCC - Bitcoin Celsius (Closed alpha preview)
  • ETCC - Ethereum Celsius (Closed alpha preview)

Custom Assets

The platform also enables you to emit your own custom assets, and manage its external backing using our APIs and SDK.

Read more at: Issuing custom Assets

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Platform Assets

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