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Company Data

The company registration data with authorities, required if the account type is corporate.

Example company data for a Bit Capital corporate account.

   "taxId": "29079725000107",
   "tradeName": "Bit Capital Ltda.",
   "openingDate": "2017-11-16T00:00:00.000Z",
   "stateRegistration": "164677191686",
   "legalName": "Bit Capital Ltda",
   "establishmentFormat": "LTDA",
   "revenue": "1000000.00",
   "partnerChanged": false,
   "legalNature": "2062",
   "legalStatus": "active",
   "activities": [
       "isMain": true,
       "code": "62.04-0-00",
       "description": "Consultoria em tecnologia da informação"
   "partners": [
       "gender": "M",
       "birthDate": "1995-08-02T00:00:00.000Z",
       "birthCountry": "Brasil",
       "taxId": "01234567890",
       "type": "personal",
       "profile": "owner",
       "isPep": false,
       "email": "[email protected]",
       "phones": [
           "code": "11",
           "number": "987654321"
       "addresses": [{
       "street": "Av Nove de Julho",
       "number": "4939",
       "neighborhood": "Jardim Paulista",
       "code": "01407100",
       "city": "São Paulo",
       "state": "SP",
       "country": "BR",
       "status": "own"



activities: EconomicActivity[]

The economic activites described with authorities.

In Brazil it's reference by CNAE numbers. This is considered public data, you can get it in any CNPJ registration searching website.


establishmentFormat: EstablishmentFormat

The establishment format of this company with the local authorities. It defines the relationships, liabilities and responsibilities of its partners.


legalName: string

The full legal name of this company, registrated with the authorities.


legalNature: string

The legal nature is a numeric code that represents the composition of the company in terms of partnerthip.

In Brazil, it's defined by the CONCLA - IBGE.

Usually, the code is related to the establishmentFormat for the company.

  • MEI - 2135
  • EI - 2135
  • EIRELLI - 2305 or 2313
  • LTDA - 2062
  • SA - 2046 or 2054
  • COOP - 2143 or 2330

For more information check the official and additional references below:


legalStatus: string

The legal status of the company, available: ACTIVE or INACTIVE.

default ACTIVE


openingDate: Date

The date the company was formally opened with the authorities.

Format: ISO-8601


partnerChanged: boolean

Self declaration stating true if the partners of the company changed in the last year.


partners: CompanyPartner[]

The list of partners of the company being created.


revenue: number

The last anual revenue of the company, as reported with authorities.

Optional stateRegistration

stateRegistration? : string

The number code of the State Registration of this company with the regional authorities.


Best practice

If the company doesn't has an stateRegistration (IE in Brazil) do not send this field in the payload.
Do not send null, none ou empty double quotes ""

For São Paulo state, for example, you can check at JUCESP (


tradeName: string

The trade name used by this company.

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