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Custom Printed Name on Cards

How about customizing the name that goes in the card?


New Feature

This feature is only available for instances running on version 2.0.15 or above.

Today, Bit Capital has a algorithm that converts the user's name into a card name before sending the embossing informations to the card manufacturer, but in some cases, you may want to customize yourself how the card name should be.

There are basically two ways you can do this:

Customizing User's Printed Name on Creation

If you want create a user with a new default printed name, basically you need to send a specific information on the Account Creation flow, in the root of the payload of the consumer, add a extra field (if not used yet) with a property named printedName like below:

  //...consumer's body... 
  "extra": { 
         "printedName": "DESIRED PRINTED CARD NAME" 

Customizing User's Printed Name after Creation

If you want to update an existing user's printed name, you can also do that by updating the user's informations using the POST /consumers/:id using the same fields as the section above.

But remember, if you already have a card in this user, the changes will only be applied on the next card issuances, this does not modify the ones before the edition.


The best practice to configure a custom printed name to the consumer is during its registration in the API.
However, there is a way to personalize the card using the endpoint above even if the user registration has already been completed, but with some considerations:

- a card printing application must not have already been sent
If the physical card has already been requested, the application has already been sent to the card manufacturer for making it. In this case, only with a new physical card requirement that the change will be applied.

- maximum of 26 on-Latin characters including spaces (based on ISO 7813);

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