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Custom Providers

Build your own connections to BT Core


Experimental API

This feature is still in the experimental phase. It is only supported in SaaS and may change with time. For enabling the permissions for your credentials, ask us in our help desk.

We love Open Banking, it's the main purpose of Bit Capital and for that we created a way to customize even more your BT Core with your own providers. In this section we describe in details how it works and the theory behind it.
We recommend reading the Assets and Wallets , Platform Assets and Custom Assets before.

Structure of an Asset Provider

A provider is basically a micro-service that follows the Bit Capital Provider API Contracts for communicating with the Core API. It is divides in the features and methods to allow different providers to have different operations that it controls.

Another important property of a provider is that it needs to be associated with an asset on the platform, it should be a Custom Assets.

Operation Flow

When you are using your instance of BT Core, whenever you want to execute a operation you usually send an asset for that operation (or it's implicit that it is the root asset). When you make this request, behind the curtains the Core API makes a request to a specific URL in the provider associated with the asset you specified.

After that, the provider answers the Core API and you get your operation executed in most cases. When you're using your own custom providers, expect that the Core API will make a request to you everytime someone asks for a given operation in your asset.

Provider Methods

These are the required methods for a provider to work, they mostly reside on the wallet registration cycle.

registerPOST /provider/registerRegisters a new wallet to the provider
unregisterPOST /provider/unregisterDeletes an existing wallet from the provider
blockPOST /provider/blockBlocks an existing wallet
unblockPOST /provider/unblockUnblocks a wallet that was previously blocked
updatePOST /provider/updateUpdates informations about a certain wallet
isAccountNumberAvailablePOST /provider/accounts/availability-checkChecks if a account number is available for this provider
isApprovedGET /provider/:walletId/is-approvedChecks if a certain wallet is approved in the provider KYC.
statusGET /statusHealth check between the Core API and the provider.

Provider Features

Features are the possible types of operations a provider that can have, a provider can have multiple features and every feature has it's set of required methods in it.

auditFeatures focused on gathering informations for audit reasons
blockFeature for blocking / unblocking user operations in the provider
branchFeature related to branch management inside a provider
boleto_emissionFeature related to the boleto emission operation
boleto_paymentFeature related to the boleto payment operation
cardFeature related to card operations, more info in Provider Card Feature
depositFeature related to deposit operations in the provider
documentFeature related to document operations in the provider
paymentFeature related to p2p transfers inside a provider
postbackFeature related to handling postbacks that came outside the platform to this provider using the BT Core Hooks
withdrawFeature related to handling the withdraw operation in a provider
phone_creditsFeature related to handling the phone credits purchases in a provider
legalFeature related to the cycle of accepting legal terms inside a provider
participating_institutionFeature related to providing a list of participating institutions for this specific provider

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Custom Providers

Build your own connections to BT Core

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