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Handling Transactions exceptions

Diagnose and fix transaction errors


All transactions in the platform are executed asynchronously, that is, once you request a new Transaction it is registered as pending and sent to the execution pipeline. Whenever the transaction state changes a new Postback is sent and the transaction.status field gets updated.

You may check the state.additionalData field from the last transaction.states[] entry to get specific details about the transaction failure.

Cards Transactions

All cards transactions are internationally standardized using ISO 8583. Whenever a Card transaction is processed, a Result Code is emitted both on the POS machine and the Web Gateways. This code is used to identify possible scenarios where the physical or virtual cards may not be working.

VISA Response Codes

00Transaction completed
01Card problem
03Establishment not registered
05Transaction refused
06Try again
07Special Condition ( cancelled / stolen card)
10Invalid unblock code
12Transaction no permitted to this establishment
13Invalid value
14Invalid card
30Format error
31Establishment not in environment
41Reverse Validity Date / Embedded data differ from the registration
43Stolen card
51Insufficient funds
52Invalid coupon
54Card out-of-date (invalid)
55Invalid or unregistered password
56Card does not exist
57Transaction cancelled (or already cancelled)
58Invalid terminal
59Account has pending debits (cardholder)
61Overlimit exceeded
62Invalid session key
65Overlimit permitted quantity exceeeded
76Blocked card
80Total exceeded
81Duplicated payment
83Due date
84Invalid dealer / merchant
85Query not authorized
94Transaction already registered
96System error
99Original transaction not found / Parameter error



Attempts of card transactions may get flagged as a suspicious activity or attempted fraud. In this case, you may get errors other than the 55 even with the correct PIN Code. Contact the consumer to ensure that the card has not been stolen and open a ticket with the Help Desk.

For more information, refer to the official Visa Request and Response Codes developer guidelines.

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Handling Transactions exceptions

Diagnose and fix transaction errors

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